End the Cable Boxopoly

Stop paying for a cable box you don’t need

Renting that old cable box is costing you $231 per year. The cable box monopoly controls 99 percent of households.

Competition will lower prices and make it easier to watch Internet and streaming content on your TV.

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Why #UnlockTheBox

Change in Cost Since 1994

Cable set-top boxes +185%

-90% Competitive Marketplace:
Computers, TVs, mobile phones

What is at Stake:

The monopoly on cable boxes hurts consumers, costing Americans an average of $231 a year on products that block content and hold back innovation.

Why You Need to Take Action:

Consumers have the power to Unlock The Box. Make your voice heard so lawmakers know we’re fighting for lower prices and more choice.
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In the News

The Verge

“Make no bones about it: unlocking the box is a terrific idea.”

The Divergence: Comcast Really Loved the Idea of Open Cable Boxes Before Hating It

HuffPost Tech

“FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal to “unlock the box” would create greater opportunities for the talent and experiences of programmers of color to become more visible to larger audiences.”

Unlocking Opportunities for Video Programmers of Color


“(I)t’s only right to wonder why we’re stuck with having to use clunky old set-top boxes.”

What Comes Next in the FCC’s Push to Make Your Cable Box Cheaper


“If you’re a cable customer, it’s hard to find anything objectionable [within the FCC proposal]. More competition means more choice, and more choice means you’re not left sticking HDMI cables into the bulky plastic trash heap your ISP issued.”

The FCC’s War to Liberate Your Cable Box

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